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Make your website secure, avoid hacking.

Wait wait… Let me clear the one thing… Hacking is something different than overdramatization we see in Hollywood Blockbusters 😉 . In reality, hacking is usually a lot less dramatic, but it is still dangerous and something business owners and webmasters definitely want to avoid. Throughout the blog, I ‘ll cover up the things like what hackers exactly do,  why you really need to make your website secure and the ways to make your website secure, antihacker and virus free.

What do hackers do?

In simple words, hacking means carrying unauthorized access of a website or the website details. Now, you might be wondering, what hackers will do with your little blog or website which does not have any credit card details or personal information. Well, hackers can turn your website into malicious spy bot in minutes. Malicious spy bot sends sensitive user data to hackers. The worst part is they can access website database, manipulate information, add malicious links to your content.

Scaring ya…. ? But don’t worry, there are things that you can do to secure your website from hackers.

Just some simple techno habits you need to follow.

Switch to https from HTTP

Https is the secure version of HTTP. It’s a secure communications protocol that is used to transfer sensitive information between a website and a web server. Switch your website to the HTTPS protocol essentially means adding an encryption layer of TLS (Transport Layer Security) or SSL (Secure Sockets Layer).

In most cases, the websites are on usually HTTP. However, HTTPS is the necessity for all online transactions. If we speak about the advantage of HTTPS, one off to the topic point is Google’s recent announcement that HTTPS will be a search ranking factor.  

Make sure software is updated

If you are using WordPress, Joomla or CMS kind of software, you need to update everything from the website I,e. plugins, themes, database, etc. on every release.

Also, if your website built from scratch by your development team, as a site owner you need to ensure that every software is up to date.

Don’t allow visitors to upload files

  • Preventing users from uploading files to your website, it will automatically create a security vulnerability. Try to avoid areas of uploading files in the forms where users really don’t need to upload files. If you can’t then tricky solution can be allow your users to upload the files in image format only (JPEG / PNG) also, you can get around this problem by setting up an email address for submissions and adding the address to your “Contact” page so that users can email their files rather than uploading them to your website.

Use encrypted passwords.

Encrypted passwords means your password get converted to specific code.

If you are using admin panel or your users have access of their panel to your website then make sure that your developers team are using one-way or two-way encryption techniques in their code.  This is highly recommended to the web masters.


So, There are many more things to avoid hacking and make your website secure. For more information, you can contact us at




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